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June 21, 2011

Rain in demand….

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It rained during the night last night.  Monday. Sunday at the church where we visited, a gentleman read from his Bible “if My people which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” Second Chronicles chapter seven, verse fourteen. He then suggested that the congregation should pray for rain.

Pray Sunday, rain Monday. What would we do if He gave us what we deserved?

What would the possibilities be if we only lived the way He says?



June 19, 2011

Not a Bad Day……

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Got up before the alarm did. Made it to church in time. I like being in My Father’s House. Visited at a new to me church. My oldest went along. It’s been a long time since we went to worship and praise God together. Met a good bunch of believers. Talked to the other offspring, gonna relax for the remainder of the day. Maybe.

Happy Father’s Day


June 17, 2011

Enough to go around- fun, that is….

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Two fence posts too small, too much wind, too much fence on the ground! Hence, enough fun for everyone.

New posts need to go into the old holes-Oh No! they are set in concrete! It’s 100 degrees F outside and no shade here. Fun. Lets put in a GATE while we’re here. More fun! We can move one of the original post locations and avoid breaking out the concrete, missing out on some of the fun. Oh well. First post in the ground, now we need our own new concrete. Fun again! Second post cut, does not look like ten feet long, re-measure- you all have heard it, measure twice cut once- yep, it’s ten alright. Second hole in the ground, now we need more new concrete. Did I mention the fun blisters?

The city inspector shows up with the comment of  “you’re working on it, call me when it’s finished”. In the following conversation he related that he had been advised of the downed fence and also that there was a load of construction stuff in the yard????  Pick one, folks! So much fun. Tomorrow, hinges, a gate, a latch, and clean up the mess. Stop by, we’ll share!


June 16, 2011

Not mine, but impressive…..

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Today, I met a young MAN. There are various and numerous standard by which to measure such things, and we use different combinations to assess the subject. We have all met youngsters we shake our heads over as we go on with our daily lives, wondering how they will ever manage to live long enough to mature and become productive and useful to the human race. Some won’t, most will, to lesser or greater extent, depending on the level of care and nurturing bestowed by various mentors.

Today’s subject exhibited a level of industry and an attention to detail that caught one’s eye. He avoided such distractions as my feeble attempts at conversation and stayed with his task. I later met his mother and discovered the source of his training and inspiration. Still later, when I commented on him to his dad I could see the pride in his son in his smile.

One wonders if we all put just a small amount of time and effort into each child we encounter in the above noted daily lives, how many more young men or young ladies society could produce.


June 13, 2011

When is young too young?

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Obviously, it depends on the topic. Today the subject is guns and shooting. It’s been the prevalent topic for fun and entertainment for the last several weeks anyway.

First, it is a serious endeavor, not to be trivialized. Second, it is in serious jeopardy in this nation that assures that such shall not be infringed. Personally, I feel most of the anti comes from lack of familiarity, and/or exposure.

My goal, for several years, has been to do what I can to reduce that deficiency. Young people not raised in an environment favorable have only the media and others who are also ignorant to teach and educate them on this topic.

Hunter Education has brought me into contact with many teenagers that have NEVER touched a gun before. This is appalling to me, but a clean slate doesn’t require erasing bad habits.

I was raised on a farm so the opportunity was there. My Dad, a WW two vet of five years, had spent time as an instructor in the army,and wanted to share his skills with his son. My earliest recollection of this is that the recoil of his new .22 caliber semi-auto rifle caused a second or occasionally third discharge. This was overcome on the first shooting lesson but the point is, I was young. My first born now has ownership and possession of that weapon. Thanks,Grandpa. This boy started with a .410 at about twelve. I still remember his face when he shredded his first tin can. By the way, reactive targets are so much more encouraging for young shooters.

His little sister was shooting handguns before first grade, made  holes in what she meant to make holes in and could tell if it was loaded or not by the difference in weight when she picked it up. Someone gave her a 9MM for a wedding present. She has been giving me grandchildren, with number three due about Independence Day, 2011. We were at the local range with her oldest  telling me “I’m not two any more”.  We were there just long enough that day to cover safety rules, equipment, and etiquette before setting him up with an airsoft pistol with paint ball ammo. Three rounds, three blue splats on paper, one great big grin on him, one on me, and he was done. We packed up and left. He would rather go to church.

We would never agree on a perfect age to be introduced to guns. I know it will vary from person to person. I know my three year old grandson is still to young. Like many much older people , He doesn’t have the capacity to understand the ramifications of misuse of this tool group. The man who thinks it’s funny to let his lady smack herself in the face with the barrel of his .44 is an example. New shooters need encouragement, not ridicule.


June 10, 2011

‘Twas the night before…..

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I awoke about  0 dark:30 today with a list of not always right episodes coursing through the cobwebs. The first lucid thought was “get paper and pen and list these titles before they evaporate” . Guess what.

As the day progressed I encountered event after event that could qualify as blog fodder. Now, if I can only learn to take notes!

Setting this site up will take some time to complete due to various and numerous reasons-yeah, yeah, I know, I’m preaching to the choir- but like the steer, I’ll keep trying.

Surprising how wrong one can be. In the picture above I had agreed to purchase the little sedan when the owner found a replacement. She called, “today is the day” . When I went to pick it up, I found three wreckers, two fire trucks, and about fifty bystanders trying to get the pickup truck out of the windshield.

No thanks!    Have a good weekend, all.


June 9, 2011

Hello world!

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Infants don’t contribute much to anyone, but some believe that enough potential exists to justify the cost, smell, tears, heartache,  and work necessary to reap the benefits of joy and pride expected down the road.

Hopefully, there is potential here. I am sure it will smell, and require more work than I want to invest at times, but I believe the potential exists.

To justify the title, I swore this would NEVER happen. Sound familiar?  Over the past several years I have been blessed by being allowed to enter the lives and homes of numerous bloggers via their posts, have met a few in person, been amazed by the  knowledge presented, the desire to share it with those interested and the  kindness and tolerance of those that wish to rip them for it. Better than I can do.

That said, HI!  I will try to find something  related to food, family, my idea of fun,  firearms, and finding ways to turn children into Gentlemen and Ladies to share. Wait for it.


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