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September 5, 2012

Ghost Writer??

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WordPress has been telling me for a year now that I don’t exist. They will let me post but wont let me in to edit., for instance.
This phone likes to second guess my efforts and occasionally I miss the change. It is usually punctuation, but in WEEK TWENTY – wow!
I was trying to say the doc called a meeting, brought two witnesses, and whined about how little respect we had for him. It all went down hill from there.
Now that I’ve done my whining. I will try to do better.



May 26, 2012

first time shooters

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Had lunch out today with oldest son in one of those places that does all the work, including dishes, and were beset upon by a couple of young ladies.

One of them being near and dear, calls me Grandpa, the other her friend, had gathered for a wedding. In the course of conversation I suggested we take them to the range for some trigger time, and no one objected. After collecting some .22 single action weapons and the necessary eyes, ears, ammo, targets, and such we wandered out to the farm to teach THE RULES and have a little fun.

They were both on paper in short order, and pleased. The zombie face on a paper-plate under an ex-boyfriend’s name brought out giggles and cheers and increased interest in shooting more.

A good time had by all, two new shooters born and left, wanting more.


July 16, 2011

stop pushing me!!!!!

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the youngest daughter’s youngest daughter

June 17, 2011

Enough to go around- fun, that is….

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Two fence posts too small, too much wind, too much fence on the ground! Hence, enough fun for everyone.

New posts need to go into the old holes-Oh No! they are set in concrete! It’s 100 degrees F outside and no shade here. Fun. Lets put in a GATE while we’re here. More fun! We can move one of the original post locations and avoid breaking out the concrete, missing out on some of the fun. Oh well. First post in the ground, now we need our own new concrete. Fun again! Second post cut, does not look like ten feet long, re-measure- you all have heard it, measure twice cut once- yep, it’s ten alright. Second hole in the ground, now we need more new concrete. Did I mention the fun blisters?

The city inspector shows up with the comment of  “you’re working on it, call me when it’s finished”. In the following conversation he related that he had been advised of the downed fence and also that there was a load of construction stuff in the yard????  Pick one, folks! So much fun. Tomorrow, hinges, a gate, a latch, and clean up the mess. Stop by, we’ll share!


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