Not Always Right

September 5, 2012

Ghost Writer??

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WordPress has been telling me for a year now that I don’t exist. They will let me post but wont let me in to edit., for instance.
This phone likes to second guess my efforts and occasionally I miss the change. It is usually punctuation, but in WEEK TWENTY – wow!
I was trying to say the doc called a meeting, brought two witnesses, and whined about how little respect we had for him. It all went down hill from there.
Now that I’ve done my whining. I will try to do better.



Auto Draft

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June 10, 2011

‘Twas the night before…..

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I awoke about  0 dark:30 today with a list of not always right episodes coursing through the cobwebs. The first lucid thought was “get paper and pen and list these titles before they evaporate” . Guess what.

As the day progressed I encountered event after event that could qualify as blog fodder. Now, if I can only learn to take notes!

Setting this site up will take some time to complete due to various and numerous reasons-yeah, yeah, I know, I’m preaching to the choir- but like the steer, I’ll keep trying.

Surprising how wrong one can be. In the picture above I had agreed to purchase the little sedan when the owner found a replacement. She called, “today is the day” . When I went to pick it up, I found three wreckers, two fire trucks, and about fifty bystanders trying to get the pickup truck out of the windshield.

No thanks!    Have a good weekend, all.


June 9, 2011

Hello world!

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Infants don’t contribute much to anyone, but some believe that enough potential exists to justify the cost, smell, tears, heartache,  and work necessary to reap the benefits of joy and pride expected down the road.

Hopefully, there is potential here. I am sure it will smell, and require more work than I want to invest at times, but I believe the potential exists.

To justify the title, I swore this would NEVER happen. Sound familiar?  Over the past several years I have been blessed by being allowed to enter the lives and homes of numerous bloggers via their posts, have met a few in person, been amazed by the  knowledge presented, the desire to share it with those interested and the  kindness and tolerance of those that wish to rip them for it. Better than I can do.

That said, HI!  I will try to find something  related to food, family, my idea of fun,  firearms, and finding ways to turn children into Gentlemen and Ladies to share. Wait for it.


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