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August 6, 2013


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My wife took me shopping today. In defense, I drove and  made sure we wound up at the new sporting goods store. While there, she made friends with a young woman that wants to buy her first gun, get her carry permit, and learn to shoot.

Simple? Maybe. As an employee, the store will comp the class for her carry permit. It is not my call, but I believe that is a good move. She is confused about how to pick out the correct gun. Realistic! We are now 2 for 2! She works in a gun store. She is cute, and single. SOMEBODY will show her all the firearms she wants to look at. The major stumbling block I saw was that everyone she knows wants to teach her. If she can find  good instruction, the shooting world will gain.

We all run into these  people every day. we must be careful to present a welcoming face.



May 26, 2012

first time shooters

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Had lunch out today with oldest son in one of those places that does all the work, including dishes, and were beset upon by a couple of young ladies.

One of them being near and dear, calls me Grandpa, the other her friend, had gathered for a wedding. In the course of conversation I suggested we take them to the range for some trigger time, and no one objected. After collecting some .22 single action weapons and the necessary eyes, ears, ammo, targets, and such we wandered out to the farm to teach THE RULES and have a little fun.

They were both on paper in short order, and pleased. The zombie face on a paper-plate under an ex-boyfriend’s name brought out giggles and cheers and increased interest in shooting more.

A good time had by all, two new shooters born and left, wanting more.


June 13, 2011

When is young too young?

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Obviously, it depends on the topic. Today the subject is guns and shooting. It’s been the prevalent topic for fun and entertainment for the last several weeks anyway.

First, it is a serious endeavor, not to be trivialized. Second, it is in serious jeopardy in this nation that assures that such shall not be infringed. Personally, I feel most of the anti comes from lack of familiarity, and/or exposure.

My goal, for several years, has been to do what I can to reduce that deficiency. Young people not raised in an environment favorable have only the media and others who are also ignorant to teach and educate them on this topic.

Hunter Education has brought me into contact with many teenagers that have NEVER touched a gun before. This is appalling to me, but a clean slate doesn’t require erasing bad habits.

I was raised on a farm so the opportunity was there. My Dad, a WW two vet of five years, had spent time as an instructor in the army,and wanted to share his skills with his son. My earliest recollection of this is that the recoil of his new .22 caliber semi-auto rifle caused a second or occasionally third discharge. This was overcome on the first shooting lesson but the point is, I was young. My first born now has ownership and possession of that weapon. Thanks,Grandpa. This boy started with a .410 at about twelve. I still remember his face when he shredded his first tin can. By the way, reactive targets are so much more encouraging for young shooters.

His little sister was shooting handguns before first grade, made  holes in what she meant to make holes in and could tell if it was loaded or not by the difference in weight when she picked it up. Someone gave her a 9MM for a wedding present. She has been giving me grandchildren, with number three due about Independence Day, 2011. We were at the local range with her oldest  telling me “I’m not two any more”.  We were there just long enough that day to cover safety rules, equipment, and etiquette before setting him up with an airsoft pistol with paint ball ammo. Three rounds, three blue splats on paper, one great big grin on him, one on me, and he was done. We packed up and left. He would rather go to church.

We would never agree on a perfect age to be introduced to guns. I know it will vary from person to person. I know my three year old grandson is still to young. Like many much older people , He doesn’t have the capacity to understand the ramifications of misuse of this tool group. The man who thinks it’s funny to let his lady smack herself in the face with the barrel of his .44 is an example. New shooters need encouragement, not ridicule.


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