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June 25, 2011

Tired, but home.

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Spent three weeks with number one son doing things that go better when you’re not trying to do them alone. Slept well, ate good food, partied with some good people, went to Meecham airport to visit the flying museum there. WOW. The only flying super fortress, as I understand it, was there, a PBY, a B 17 G,- I crawled through the waist of one once, grease would have helped! Way more aircraft than I can mention here. If you are into warbirds or the history of WW Two, well…

Spent more money than I should have, tried to wear out my welcome.  Left Ft. Worth @ 7 pm, arrived Eastern Iowa the next 7 pm. Caught a little nap along the way and took time to look up Amelia Earhart Airport in Atchison, Ks. Yeah, I’ve been down the Yellow Brick Road, too. I like Kansas.

Anyhow, Good Time with son, long overdue, back home to catch up on things here. Daughter is due with number 3 in a couple of weeks. Went vacationing with one of the others, number two son, and his offspring last summer for two weeks, had a blast then too. The youngest acts like he’s done shopping. He could do a lot worse. Isn’t family astounding.



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  1. if by ‘shopping’ you mean ‘forgot to run when he had a chance’ then yeah he’s done.
    Her taste in men is suspect but she’s a good girl and I’m sure she’ll have him trained up in no time.

    Comment by Mulligan — June 27, 2011 @ 23:51 | Reply

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