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August 6, 2013


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My intro to the blogosphere was  Lawdog’s “you might be a ….”  Kelly’s essays on Bitchy Partner and the antics of sumdude were so close to home I had  to not read for a while, but I couldn’t stay away.

There were others, offering humor, compassion, information, insight, and opening doors into their lives for others to share, if they would.

Within minutes of my first post Wing and a Whim and Old NFO both were encouraging me. Don’t you guys sleep?

There is so much that I feel but not room to print it all.

Thank you all.   Dan


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My wife took me shopping today. In defense, I drove and  made sure we wound up at the new sporting goods store. While there, she made friends with a young woman that wants to buy her first gun, get her carry permit, and learn to shoot.

Simple? Maybe. As an employee, the store will comp the class for her carry permit. It is not my call, but I believe that is a good move. She is confused about how to pick out the correct gun. Realistic! We are now 2 for 2! She works in a gun store. She is cute, and single. SOMEBODY will show her all the firearms she wants to look at. The major stumbling block I saw was that everyone she knows wants to teach her. If she can find  good instruction, the shooting world will gain.

We all run into these  people every day. we must be careful to present a welcoming face.



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Thanks to all those who offered well wishes and sympathy over the past year and a half. not only the friends I have met and become acquainted with, but also those I have yet to meet.  My sister lost to her disease 29 Nov 2012. Still dealing with process and paperwork


September 5, 2012

Ghost Writer??

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WordPress has been telling me for a year now that I don’t exist. They will let me post but wont let me in to edit., for instance.
This phone likes to second guess my efforts and occasionally I miss the change. It is usually punctuation, but in WEEK TWENTY – wow!
I was trying to say the doc called a meeting, brought two witnesses, and whined about how little respect we had for him. It all went down hill from there.
Now that I’ve done my whining. I will try to do better.


Auto Draft

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June 3, 2012


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The doctors have been telling my sister for several years “not cancer”.
This morning she checks into the loc


May 26, 2012

first time shooters

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Had lunch out today with oldest son in one of those places that does all the work, including dishes, and were beset upon by a couple of young ladies.

One of them being near and dear, calls me Grandpa, the other her friend, had gathered for a wedding. In the course of conversation I suggested we take them to the range for some trigger time, and no one objected. After collecting some .22 single action weapons and the necessary eyes, ears, ammo, targets, and such we wandered out to the farm to teach THE RULES and have a little fun.

They were both on paper in short order, and pleased. The zombie face on a paper-plate under an ex-boyfriend’s name brought out giggles and cheers and increased interest in shooting more.

A good time had by all, two new shooters born and left, wanting more.


November 21, 2011


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The subject of my last posting was four months old a few days ago.
Sorry, but it’s been a long, hard summer. I am not back, yet, only “passing through”.
I will be back. Dan

July 16, 2011

stop pushing me!!!!!

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the youngest daughter’s youngest daughter

June 25, 2011

Tired, but home.

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Spent three weeks with number one son doing things that go better when you’re not trying to do them alone. Slept well, ate good food, partied with some good people, went to Meecham airport to visit the flying museum there. WOW. The only flying super fortress, as I understand it, was there, a PBY, a B 17 G,- I crawled through the waist of one once, grease would have helped! Way more aircraft than I can mention here. If you are into warbirds or the history of WW Two, well…

Spent more money than I should have, tried to wear out my welcome.  Left Ft. Worth @ 7 pm, arrived Eastern Iowa the next 7 pm. Caught a little nap along the way and took time to look up Amelia Earhart Airport in Atchison, Ks. Yeah, I’ve been down the Yellow Brick Road, too. I like Kansas.

Anyhow, Good Time with son, long overdue, back home to catch up on things here. Daughter is due with number 3 in a couple of weeks. Went vacationing with one of the others, number two son, and his offspring last summer for two weeks, had a blast then too. The youngest acts like he’s done shopping. He could do a lot worse. Isn’t family astounding.


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